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The Rhinelander Police Department Investigation Division consists of two full-time Detective Sergeants and one full-time Drug Investigator.  The Detective Sergeants are responsible for investigating major incidents that occur within the City of Rhinelander.  The Detectives Sergeants are also responsible for conducting pre-employment background investigations on newly hired employees.  The Detective Sergeants are available Monday through Friday 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.  Anyone wanting to provide information regarding recent crimes can do so by emailing You may also email one of our Detective Sergeants by clicking on their picture below.  Please do not send junk mail, offensive material, or anything else you would not want to be transmitted to a Police Department.  Threats or reports of crimes will be investigated using all internet crime tracking tools available.

The Drug Investigator is responsible for handling prescription drug and narcotics violations within the City of Rhinelander.  The Drug Investigator is part of a multi-county task force known as the North Central Drug Enforcement Group (NORDEG).  Anyone wanting to provide anonymous drug information can do so by calling (715) 361-5176 or at the statewide drug tip line 1-800-NAB-DRUG.

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