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The Rhinelander Police Department Records Division is responsible for keeping and maintaining the records of the Rhinelander Police Department.


Those records include non-reportable accidents, offense reports, and citations.  If you would like a copy of a record, please email Joy or Jasmyn  by clicking on their image or contact the Rhinelander Police Department Records Division at (715) 365-5300 during normal business hours.  You may obtain a copy of an accident report by clicking on the link below. 



1.  25 Cents per copied page given to requester


2.  Faxing - 25 cents per page, plus $1.50 faxing cost.  If more than 20 pages must be faxed an additional  $1.50 will be added


3.  Mailing - Reproduction costs, standard mailing costs, plus $1.00


4. Reproductions' of Audio/Video/Photograph records is $10.00 per case


5. Background checks for person or premise will have a standard fee of $7.00 plus reproduction costs

6.  To obtain a crash report follow the "PURCHASING A CRASH REPORT" section below or request by mail at the following: 

Wisconsin Department of Transportation

Accident Records Unit

PO Box 7919

Madison, WI 53707-7919


Phone:  (608) 266-8753

Fax:  (608) 261-8201


This link listed below is the DOT internet site.  The customer will be able to purchase a crash report, if available, and print right away.  They will need to pay either through a Credit, Debit Card or an ACH Account.


 1.  Go to Click on DMV Service

 2.  Find Driver Information Section

 3.  Click on Crash Reports in list under Driver Information

 4.  Click on Document Number (state report number) or date and WI

      DL or Accident/Crash  number. Enter data in window that appears

      Click on Search

 5.  Follow the website instructions to purchase your crash report



    1.  Click on Safety at the top of the page.


    2.  Click on Crash Reporting


    3.  Click on "Start Now"


    4.  Follow the website instructions to complete your crash report

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