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The Rhinelander Police Department Patrol Division consists of nine full-time Patrol Officers and four full-time Patrol Sergeants. The Patrol Divison's main responsibility is handling calls for service that the Rhinelander Police Department receives on a daily basis. In addition to handling calls, the Patrol Division performs traffic enforcement, they patrol the city parks, they handle requests for the media, and they give various presentations to the community. In 2023, the Rhinelander Police Department responded to 8967 calls for service.

The Rhinelander Police Department Division primarily utilizes Dodge Chargers, with exception to the K-9 unit vehicles.  Each squad car is equipped and maintained with tools and equipment necessary for Patrol Officers to perform their job efficiently and effectively. 

If you have any questions regarding the Rhinelander Police Department Patrol Division, please feel free to contact us at (715) 365-5300 during normal business hours.  You may also send a work related email to one of the Patrol Sergeants / Patrol Officers by clicking on their picture below.  Please do not send junk mail, offensive material, or anything else you would not want to be transmitted to a Police Department.  Threats or reports of crimes will be investigated using all internet crime tracking tools available.

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