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Substance Abuse Recovery Coach

Brock Boyd




Serving the City of Rhinelander Sept. 2022 - Aug. 2023

Thanks to a partnership with Marshfield Clinic AmeriCorps Recovery Corps program and the Oneida County Health Department the Rhinelander Police Department is proud to be a host sight for their very own Recovery Coach.  Recovery coaches support those affected by their own or someone else’s substance misuse through one-on-one contact, outreach phone calls, and community education. The Rhinelander Police Department has been a host sight since 2019 serving over 30 clients each year. With the work done by the Recovery Coach, many of these clients have re-established with therapist/psychologists, attended NA/AA meetings or similar support groups, committed to outpatient treatment, or followed through with in-patient treatment. Approximately 65% of all of our clients having increased sober times, reduced police contacts/calls for service, and many have been able to join the local workforce, rebuilt family ties, and have started to pay it back to their community.

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